How To Add Food Options on Fudap

In some instances, some food might need options and you can easily do this within minutes. For example, Amala is a swallow that needs options and there are different types of soup and in order not to confuse your customer, you can make them choose a particular soup along with their swallow.

You can also put a price for each soup if you charge for soup on Fudap.

As a vendor on Fudap, it is important you set your food options to enable users order from your store page without stress.

To do add food options, follow the following instructions:

– log into your Fudap Vendor account

– click on the side bar menu icon

– click on Food Item and choose View Food Items

This is shown in few steps below:

Click on Edit of any of the food item you want to add options

Click on Add Food Options

Create Category

Fill all details according to the food type

Add more detailed options

As shown below

Click on below arrow to see all detailed options

As shown below, you can edit and delete any of the saved food options

You can always add more categories with the below arrow. For example, Choose Meat, Choose Size.

After adding the soup varieties, any customer that clicks on Amala, will be taken to the next page where they must choose a specific soup before they can proceed.

This process can also be applied for other food items like Pizza that have different sizes and flavours.

Visit your store page on Fudap to see how the changes reflects.

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