How to Add Food Item on Fudap

We recently discussed about how you can hide your food visibility as a vendor on Fudap.

Now, to add a food item is a very easy thing to do as we have designed the process to make it smooth for you.

It’s important to put each food item under the right category. For instance, food items like Semo, Amala, Iyan should be under African Dish/Swallow.

This will make it easier for customers to easily navigate through your store on Fudap and choose their preferred food.

To get started:

  • log into your Fudap Vendor account
  • click on the side bar menu icon –
  • click on Food Item and choose Add Food Item You will be presented with the below page
  • Select the right category for the food item. If it doesn’t have the right category, you can create a new one by clicking on add more here or edit the existing cuisines.

You can use names such as Swallow, Pastries, Drinks or any name as it applies for the Cuisine Name.

  • Write the food name e.g Fried Rice, Amala, Beef, Pizza, Meat Pie
  • Set the price in figures e.g 200
  • Add a short description in the description box e.g. Per Scoop ( for Amala, Semo), Medium size for (Pizza), Small Bottle for (Pet Drink) and so on.
  • Choose whether the item will need a container or just nylon.
  • Container fee you set will apply for a customer on the checkout page.
  • Choose the right image that depicts the food item
  • click save.

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That’s how to add food item on Fudap.

Ensure you check your store update on Fudap.

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