How To Add Opening Days and Hours on Fudap

As a Fudap vendor, you can easily set the opening days, hours and closing hours of your store. This is really important in letting your customers know the specific days and hours they can start ordering from you.

It is also good for those that might want to pick up orders from your physical store. This will also come in handy on days you want to take a break or might be opening late.

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You can do all these settings under the Fudap Vendor account.

To do this:

  • log into your vendors’ account
  • click on the side menu button
  • go to store settings
  • click on opening hours
  • then set your opening days
  • set the specific opening and closing hours
  • click on save

This is will reflect instantly on your store. You can also edit any of the saved opening hours and days to news ones according to your new preferences.

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