How to Run Promotions on Fudap

As a vendor, you can run smooth promotions to invite more customers to your store on Fudap. Here, you can add discounts on meals for some specific areas or even for all areas.

You will need to add a captivating image to entice customers.

Your promotional campaigns will be displayed to customers to give your store more visibility. To set this up:

  • log into your Fudap Vendor account
  • click on sidebar icon
  • click on Promotions
  • click on add promotions

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  • set title, select specific areas or all areas
  • fill the current price and the new price you want to give
  • choose container or nylon
  • add image and the date the promotion will come to an end.

Once you add all these details, your promotions will start displaying to users on Fudap and end on the expiry date.

You can run as many promotional campaigns as you desire.

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