How To Set Delivery Locations & Fees on Fudap

Setting up of delivery locations and fees is very important as a Fudap Vendor. This will let your customers know the specific areas you deliver your orders to and how much you charge for each of these areas.

Locations are pre-listed for you to choose from so that you can deliver faster. Here in this page, you can also activate (Yes) or deactivate (No) Pick up and Delivery.

As a Fudap Vendor, this will save you stress and time of having to explain to each user how much delivery costs everytime.

Once you set it up, any customer requesting an order will be able to see the specific fees for their selected area.

We designed the Fudap Vendor dashboard to give you that comfort and flexibility.

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To set delivery locations and fees:

  • sign into your Fudap Vendor account
  • go to store settings
  • click on delivery options-
  • click on add delivery location
  • choose from any of the listed locations
  • add delivery fee (make it affordable)
  • Click on save

You can repeat this process to add up to eighteen (18) different locations and their respective fees. You may also decide to delete any of those locations from the list anytime or update them.

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